Michael Banzhaf

Michael Banzhaf

“I have developed two distinct styles. The first is classic and symmetrical, using traditional design motifs and reminiscent of
ancient jewelry. My more recent work draws upon my fascination with plant life. I find inspiration in natural forms for the stylized
interpretations that appear in my pieces. While designing in 3-dimensional sculpture, proportions of the elements are my highest

Hold a piece of Michael Banzhaf jewelry in your hand and you meet the man. His designs most familiar to collectors demonstrate classic and symmetrical motifs undoubtedly rooted in his classical music training
and fascination for Etruscan, Byzantine and Renaissance periods. Other designs are contemporary and lyrical as they embrace forms inspired by nature. The result is a stunning collection. Utilizing traditional goldsmithing techniques, each of Michael’s
creations is individually hand fabricated. At the workbench he will often pursue an organic approach, allowing the designs to grow and evolve spontaneously. His craftsmanship is based on the concepts of quality and durability for daily wear as well as special and formal occasions.

Michael has always enjoyed creating with his hands. His first love was playing and repairing musical instruments. Following his undergraduate studies in classical music at the Eastman School of Music, silversmithing led to a career as a designer goldsmith. Although mostly self-taught, he has been mentored by master goldsmiths and jewelry designers. Michael feels blessed to have gifted hands.

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