Cheryl Swartz

Cheryl Swartz

Metals artist, Cheryl Swartz is a graduate of Bowling Green State University of Ohio. There she studied metals/jewelry under Harold Hasselschwert. With further studies in metal at the Toledo Museum of Art, University of Southern Colorado, Pueblo and Riverbend Art Center, Dayton, Ohio. 

She has taught art in the public schools, metals at Edison Community College and chain-making workshops at Riverbend Art Center. 

Cheryl’s one-of-a-kind pieces are often designed around unusual gemstones, her handmade Roman chains and her use of gold and silver together. Another ancient technique which she incorporates into her designs is KumBoo. This is an overlay process using 24K gold to create patterns on silver.  

Combining ancient techniques with her contemporary concepts, Cheryl creates an elegant piece with timeless beauty.

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