Carolyn Tyler

CT 12-29-31-22

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Carolyn grew up in a creative family. As a backpacking college student, Carolyn traveled to the Greek island of Corfu, where she became entranced by a lavender SmartSelect_20191221-224931_Emailpendant. She used her father’s “emergency only” credit card, knowing she could repay the $150 price. But, when the bill arrived, it was ten times the quoted cost. She vowed to wear the pendant every day of her life, which she did until it disappeared suspiciously during her divorce in 1990.

Feeling heartsick over the loss, she went to Bali to heal and found a new home. She returned to California and helping a friend out attended the Tucson Gem show. Back in Bali Carolyn replaced her lost opal pendant with a copy.  Beautiful designs all in 22 Karat gold and five years forward, Carolyn crosses paths with a friend in Santa Barbara, and home comes her lost Opal.

For Carolyn Tyler, collecting gemstones is a passion.  She favors using “phenomenal” gems (those that possess special qualities of light reflection and refraction), ancient coins and South Sea pearls in her one-of-a-kind creations. Nature, mythology, art, music, and dance inspire the designs.  Themes from the artifacts of ancient civilizations and tribal art symbolism reflect her background in archaeology and anthropology.  Carolyn Tyler comes regularly to Karats for showings of her inspired work.

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